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Album Art Galerie (pronounced gah·luh·ree) is a project looking at the importance of album artwork in a musical context. The aim for this is to amplify the role album art plays and appreciating how the artwork can be viewed as it's own artistic entity.

Foreword ︎︎︎

As a curator whose workflow has been limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, I wanted to appropriate elements of a physical gallery to the digital space. With the social media usage increase over the lockdown period through recreational uses such as challenges, motivational quotes and throwback posts I also saw the power social media had through the support for civil and human rights activist groups. 

Album artwork is where my love for music and design intersect and as I am involved in both music and graphic design communities I feel I can use this to further not only mine but my peers' knowledge too.

Stephen Gombakomba

Curator /
Creative Director

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